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RuSIEM RvSIEM free Analytics
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Normalization of events

The normalization of events allows one to unambiguously interpret events in a single taxonomy format. Fields and their values are brought to the same format and types.

Vulnerability management

Active scanning and passive scanning in real time allow timely detection of threats and alerting the operator. The built-in offline vulnerability database provides operators with complete information, sufficient for analysis.


Analytics allows you to detect threats without necessarily creating correlation rules for each case. Applied mechanisms AI (artificial intelligence), DL (data learning) are complex and multifaceted, but are governed by user rules.

Long-term storage of events

Long-term storage of events for statistical evaluation, investigation of incidents, compliance with standards and regulatory requirements

Advanced correlation

Real-time correlation provides timely detection of threats, allows them to be prevented, promptly notifies operators. Correlation rules are configured using the graphical designer.


Numerous visualization tools allow you to analyze the received data from different angles, not to miss important system states.

Our products is created by our team

The core of the product, MQ, agent, interface - created entirely by our team. This allows you not to use third-party agents, services and applications to fully work with the product. We do not rewrite or sell open-source solutions under the guise of our product. This is confidence in the further development of our solutions, independence from third-party components, the ability to solve various cases and adapt the solution to the needs of our users.
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RvSIEM is really free

We provide a free version - RvSIEM free. You can not only download and make sure that the product works, but also use this solution completely free of charge in your company. RvSIEM is a LM (log management) solution that allows you to collect, store and visualize data. Do not waste precious time searching for open-source and free solutions, for adapting to your needs. Use RvSIEM free.
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installation and setup

Install and configure the solution - it's easy

Deploy to a clean operating system

Server installation is possible on your operating system Ubuntu server 14.04x64 from the apt repository

No time for deploy?

You can download an image for VmWare ESX / Microsoft HyperV. Our partners can help in the installation, demonstration of the solution possibilities.

Solution Advantages

Only some of them

Scalability with RvSIEM free

Scalability with RvSIEM free

Save! It is possible to scale and increase performance using RvSIEM free node.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The product successfully uses AI (artificial intelligence) and DL (data learning).

Unlimited number of sources

Unlimited number of sources

Solutions have no restrictions on the number of sources, storage volumes.


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