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RvSIEM is really free!

You can get a trial version of RuSIEM, try it and at any time switch to the free version!

More than 8,000 companies are already using the LM class RvSIEM (Log management) solution. Join now! We will help you.

Step by step installation:

See the comparison of RvSIEM with the commercial version of RuSIEM / RuSIEM Analytics

Read the minimum requirements.

Download distributives or deploy OS for clean installation.

You can install RuSIEM / RvSIEM only on Ubuntu Server 14.04 x64.

Install RuSIEM/RvSIEM server.

Note: commercial version requires access to the repository for installation and upgrade. Contact technical support with a hardware id before proceeding with the installation.

For installation on a clean operating system run command:

wget; bash ./

Install the RuSIEM agent on windows (if you plan to collect events from sources other than syslog). One installed agent can collect from many other sources without an agent-based method.

Look at installation guide

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